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The answer to this question and others are the motivations for this project. In order to find the answer to this struggle, there are a host of considerations that must be taken beforehand.

  • What is “money”?
  • How can “more” and “less” be collectively defined?
  • What is “value”?
  • What is “happiness”?
  • Why would someone disconnect from the global economic system?
  • Is it possible to disconnect from the global economic system?
  • If so, how?
  • If you have pondered any of these questions, or would be curious to watch the progress of another on this journey… welcome to USeD and FED-up no more!

    Should you be looking for the typical survivalist 101 course or a blog focusing on economics, sociopolitical rhetoric, or conspiracy theories keep searching… Those sources are already out there.

    (That is not to say the author will not share such information or viewpoints)

    However if you are looking for a personal account full of trials and tribulations of one self-defined as a “rogue of the information age”, you have found it.

    All are welcome to comment on, criticize, learn from, or duplicate this project… Free of charge, or your money back!

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