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SociAutopsy Problem Solved

This is Satire!
Please research who each person is before getting offended or making presumptions. Here are some sources for each individual.

Vandana Shiva (
Reverend Billy Talen (
Derek Wall (
Russell Brand (
Amy Goodman (
David Wolfe (
Derrick Jensen (
Bernard Lietaer (
Dan Savage (
Ayaan Hirsi Ali (
Julian Assange (

Please feel free to share this page, image, and news about any of these individuals freely!


I spent some time earlier today listening through my old music compositions from years ago. You know what? It is pretty good! Mix this with my recently re-acquired old Photoshop images and graphic design elements, as well as a loan of a MAC with photoshop (from a client/friend) and I am re-inspired!

Back when I was producing my music or art, it certainly wasn’t with the intention of selling any of it. Heck, back in that day sites such as ReverbNation and Bandcamp were just some whole in the wall pseudo social networking websites. Now they are pretty damn powerful tools for independent artists. They are even great for agencies, record labels, and music management firms.

So here it goes! Time to dig these old tracks out from under the digital cob-webs.

More on this in the future.

And of course, any income generated from these tracks and my other non-barter/community currency based projects will be posted and adhered to my money-making policy (to be posted in the near future).

Love and light!

Click to see ReverbNation page for PWR=PYN

LOTS of action lately!

First I want to thank all my readers for checking out my page! On July 21st I had 160 page views! Collectively I have had a total of 868 page views! Not too bad for a page that has only been up a couple months and sporadic internet access to build the website on.

Once again, thank you.

I also want to make mention of all the new pages I have added over the last couple of days, so you don’t miss a thing.

Click away!

  • Mailing list
  • Propaganda
  • Interviews
  • Exchanges
  • 4EP
  • The mailing list is a great way for you to stay up-to-date with all my activity. I only send out emails through this list periodically, and I never share lists.

    My new Propaganda page has some of the images many of you know and love from my facebook network. Please feel free to share the images by using the share icons near the bottom of the Propaganda page.

    The interviews page is where I will have most of my media and articles presented. I have one interview up from not too long ago, which is rather revealing. I hope you enjoy it.

    In the Exchanges page you will see some items that I have as offerings to the community in trade, barter, or local exchange credits.

    the 4EP page is an example of one (of 4) local exchange systems I have developed. The others are in the works, and I will be sure to provide many more resources in the future.

    I have also been building another website for a business venture myself and my business partner are undertaking. Much more on that to come.

    I still intend on writing thorough reviews on Surthrival, Eco-nuts, Survive a food crisis, and Greengeeks in the near future.

    Once again keep those comments coming! You are my inspiration!