In Arizona…

Consider helping with the organizations and groups I am in the process of putting into place. The more we organize together, the more we create the world we wish to be in.

Also feel free to interact with me on my facebook network.

Don’t be afraid to Contact Me as we can rap for a bit. Who knows what will come of this connection!?


Feed your mind: Question everything. Do independent research on absolutely every notion or “truth” you think you “know”. DO NOT rely solely on the internet as your source of information, as it is easy for anyone to create “facts” online. Set aside a couple hours in your week to visit your local public library and check out books on as many topics as you can handle.

For a starting-point on topics I recommend looking into, visit my Research page.

Feed your heart: Reach inside and find out what is truly important to you. What do you care most for, what do you fear? How large is your sphere of compassion? have extended your sphere of compassion, that being those whom you chose to love most and fight for, so large that human interests or even your own personal interest is not as important as that of the health of the entire planet? If not, keep feeding your mind, and your heart before moving onto the next steps.

Feed your body: Ask yourself what grounds your being, and creates an environment for healthy growth. Is it chemicals, intoxicants, flesh? I am a firm supporter of intuitive eating, and do not force my beliefs on others. However you should give your body what it wants most. Do  you crave touch? Do you crave water? Do you crave idol entertainment? I am not going to give you the answers, for often the answers we seek are waiting inside ourselves to be discovered.

Feed your spirit: No matter what your religious or spiritual beliefs are, hold true to them. The only person you need answer to is your creator. Period. Conduct your life in a way that brings you closer to your creator, and find the answers you seek within.

Still looking for more?

If this is all far too abstract of an explanation of you how might “join” me, then move on to contacting me directly and share more about yourself. If you are looking for simple ways to contribute monetarily however, here is a signup sheet with a number of ways to Support me.


Thoughts? Questions? Emotions?

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