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Yes I will require some federal dollars, and yes I am asking for that money from you my reader.

While I myself, and essentially our planet is going on this stage of transition, I will be making steps towards not using federal dollars. One of the ways I have been making this transition over the years is by “voting with my wallet.” If you are unfamiliar with this concept, please take a moment to research conscious consuming and voluntary simplicity.

(As a special note, I was one of the individuals mentioned in Boston in the summer of 2003 in the wiki-link referencing the group “Conscious Consuming”.)

I acknowledge these steps themselves are large leaps for many, and simple “green” consumption is hard for some people. For just such readers, I have included the mentioned supporting links. It is my way of giving options to my readers to help me in my aim, while continuing on their own personal journey. I do ample research on, maintain correspondence with, and write reviews regarding the companies, products, and services I list on my website.

To be clear, I had to ask myself three important questions when setting up this website.

1.) Do I need money from my readers?

2.) If I require monetary aid, how might I get it?

3.) How can I make ethical such an action?

The answer to the first question is yes. Let’s be realistic, as it stands this website you are reading alone is costing federal dollars from somewhere! With that said, until the world goes through a drastic shift I must be realistic on the maintenance costs of my various projects. Therefore I ask for financial aid not from large corporations, or from the government. I search for funding sources from my readers and supporters. That is you!

On to the second question, how will I get the money to support my projects when barter and/or local currencies is not an option? The answer is Affiliate Marketing. By offering ad space on my website, I am not only promoting whom I feel is a worthy company/enterprise, but I am receiving a small cut of the purchases my readers make! Therefore you will not be “giving” me “something for nothing”. Simply make the purchases you are already making, or have been telling yourself you want to make for a while now! In turn, small amount from those purchases will trickle-down to me as well.

Now onto the next part of my internal dialogue, how can I justify, or make sensible this decision of mine? I have come to my own conclusion that complete transparency will be in order. Therefore for every single penny that is transferred into my account and relates to this website and related networks, I will publicly disclose the amount as well as what I did with said monies. As soon as such a database is required, I will be making it known to everyone. This way you will always feel confident about your purchases, and see the progress being made within my projects.

To be perfectly clear I DO NOT believe that if we simply sit idol and all change the way we shop, we will make the world a better place. The problems are much more complex then that, thus the solution is far more complex as well. Though I am a big supporter of Conscious Consuming and ethical shopping, I DO NOT believe it is THE answer for making a better world. Clearly if I believed it was so, I would simply stop at being a conscious consumer instead of creating USeD and FED-up no more and radically changing my life! I am an Ecosocialist, Anarcho-primitivist, and supporter of the Deep Green Movement. I am also a vegetarian, and supporter of Freeganism and Raw Foodists. I also advocate more-so for patronage at local businesses over online shopping, and small-scale permaculture or urban farming over grocery store purchases. Cooperation over competition, and diversification and self-sufficiency over monoculture and specialization.

However I realize not everyone is able, willing, or wishes to take things as far as I am with my life. Which again is why I am going about creating my website, the features and options for “supporting me”, and sharing my views and progression to everyone. I believe the world will go through a drastic shift through various means, and the way I am approaching climate change and global oppression must be different then the way you are destined to go about it. I have evolved past my “hippier then thou” stage, and I do not evangelize my lifestyle to others as the “only” way. My wish is simply to provide my readers with a verity of options to support my venture.

Once again, making purchases through my website at this link is just one of many ways to support me. You must navigate to the website directly from my website to make the purchases support me and my projects.

Here is another page to follow for more ideas to help me on my mission!


Thoughts? Questions? Emotions?

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