4 Elements Phoenix (4EP) is an active local exchange system in the metro Phoenix, AZ area. An alternative to the present global economic system, in the form of local cooperation.

We help facilitate trade between individuals through a mutual credit system, which fosters independence and dignity.

Each exchange is a peaceful act of disobedience to the established global economic system that tells us we are nothing more then a number. A peaceful stance of resistance against warfare, greed, and environmental degradation. Trading within this system is a show of respect for the four natural elements of this earth, which sustain and heal every form of life on our planet.

Through trust and mutual respect, we are able to exchange goods and services independently of banks or corporations. The first step is to think outside of the profit motive, and recognize that we all have the same basic needs, and equal right to all that is loving and healing.

We use a mutual exchange ledger-based system, which is extremely easy to facilitate and record trades with.

We put the action back in transaction.

Buying local pays.

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