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It has been a while. Yes I know, it has been tough without me hasn’t it?

I have recently been coming back to this and other earlier projects, and I am glad I have. I am excited to report that during my time away I have apparently accumulated a number of new followers, as well as a few people that signed-up on my Collective!

I took some time this morning to send out an email blast with an update on recent happenings. If you have not already signed-up to it, you may want to do so. More intimate details not shared here will be shared with those that support me the most through that list.

A part of that update is the fact that I have manifested new technology. That is right, I now have a very functional laptop (with Windows 8…), as well as a Smartphone (and no monthly payments thanks to a HUGE supporter!). I have been working on downloading apps, but it does not appear that will be a reality. However I have a very nice windows phone I am bartering for (see post soon), and intend on getting an even better phone soon that I will be able to download apps on.

With that I have a…


As an avid reader of this blog, I am guessing you have listened to my audio posts, as well as read my writings. Now that I have a smartphone (with camcorder capabilities) I am thinking about doing video updates and posting them here.

What do you think? Would you enjoy video updates, or do you feel engaged enough with the audio posts?


It will take a decent amount more work on my end to produce videos worth sharing (post-production is harder then most people believe), but I may be willing to put that extra work in should others desire it. The audio post-by-voice are by far the easiest way of keeping you all updated and engaged, but if you feel I should take it a step further I may do so.

Comment below and let me know what you think!


How far down the road I am going, I am not sure yet.


I am going to tinker with a few tools that I have used in the past, and see how successful I am practicing what I preach. Using couchsurfing and ridejoy I will see how successful I am planning an inpromptu 5 day stay in flagstaff from phoenix in little to no money.

Ridejoy Ad

Couchsurfing profile

That time has finally arrived. I have voluntarily taken myself off of my unemployment benefits, and will no longer have a “steady reliable” source of income in the form of federal dollars. I literally have around $100
left in my pay-pal and credit union accounts, and around $200 on my person. That is it.

I do and have been still receiving income through my alternative exchange systems and with my talents, and many more sources of abundance have been falling in my lap unexpectedly.

I am happy to say that I have set a pretty solid foundation both online and within my community to have all the support systems in place (and more) that I intended on having.

Things are about to get very interesting!

Once again thank you to all my readers, and I hope you are finding this page to be a source of inspiration. Don’t forget to bookmark, subscribe, and check back often!

Love and light