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Yes, I have been busy lately. As some of you have heard I am starting another business. With some help from others of course.

A number of my talented and passionate friends and colleagues are the inspiration for this project. After years of event coordination, graphic/web design, and guerrilla marketing for small businesses and non-profits I am moving onto promoting individuals instead of corporate entities.

The business name is Primal Talent Enterprises, and it will serve as a talent agency for those passionate about the dark and eclectic arts. We will represent professional talent in a wide range of categories, and be the source for ethical talent agency contracts. Furthermore the goal is to significantly change the state of the “alt industry”, and get those that walk to a different beat paid well.

One of the major ways I will be doing this is by creating what is known as an “Interdependent Alliance” of subcontractors. This is when a group of professionals in any given field work cooperatively (instead of competitively) toward a single uniting goal. Pooling resources, expertise, and services for a mutually agreeable scenario for all involved.

Once again this is one of many crucial steps I am taking to walk my talk as they say. Using cooperation over competition we truly could be living in a more fare and equitable world. This is just a small and simple example of how.If you wish to be involved with this project, click the following link.

Alternative Interdependent Alliance AZ

Notice: This link will only be active for a limited time. However you may write to me directly and express your interest to be added to the portal. After you create a log-in you will have access to organizational resources, too numerous to mention here.

This goes out to all the freaks, fairies, outcasts, enigmas, entrepreneurs, entertainers, and bright-lights in my life.

David Ho
Art by David Ho