Offers and Wish-list

It is important to work hard in order to change the world.

This is an up-to-date list of my skills or “offers”, of which I would love to barter or receive payment of items or services on my “Wish-list”. Also see my newest page “Exchanges” for photos of some of those listed below. I do also offer all goods or services for exchange in local exchange credits (4EP).


Compassion Pet Care

Pet & House Sitting Services!

OM on facebook

Resource Management Services!

Catalyst Connections

Market Consulting & Graphic Design


  • Pet, house, and plant sitting (Compassion Pet Care)
  • Pet waste removal (Compassion Pet Care)
  • Dog-washing (Compassion Pet Care)
  • Marketing Consultations (Catalyst Connections)
  • Guerrilla Marketing (Door-to-door, person-to-person Catalyst Connections)
  • Graphic Design, Brand Management (Catalyst Connections)
  • Permaculture consultations (Organic Matters)
  • Composting Consultation and maintenance (Organic Matters)
  • Sleep-aid consultations (Medical Specialist)
  • Custom Jewelry and Accessories (masculine or feminine)
  • Home-cooked meals (Raw foods, Vegan, Vegetarian, whole foods)
  • Beautiful chess-set

  • Wish-list:

    • Bicycle (Road bike prefered)
    • Bike Lock (D-Lock)
    • Computer Repair (Laptop)
    • Printing services (business cards, fliers, photocopies)
    • Gift cards (to anywhere)
    • Gas cards
    • Occasional transportation (Valley-wide)
    • Motorcycle
    • R.V. Repairs and custom upgrades (wind, passive solar)
    • Fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers
    • Organic and/or heirloom seeds
    • Vitamins/ minerals/ herbs
    • Clothing (small male, dress casual)
    • Tailor/ clothing alternations
    • Teaching of soap making (primitive or organic)
    • Teaching of candle making
    • Teaching of paper-making
    • Teaching of incense making
    • Wood corks (from wine bottles)
    • Large decorative wooden frames
    • Beads


    • Christopher says:

      From the description that you wrote, I would not even try to repair it. it sounds like there is so much that your trying to “jerry-rig” that I would just buy a new one. I would be happy to see if I can find a cheap one (either lap top or desktop) that is either remanufactured or brand new. Please let me know.

      • XenitH says:

        Yes that would be nice. Although I am at very limited funds. Limited as in none. Hence posting it here and looking for barter solutions.

        Thank you very much for any help you can offer!

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